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11 February 2007 @ 03:12 pm

Bright and early the next day I was up. Crack of dawn and all that. Even before Wes, which was a total novelty. Novelty, gosh I’m spending to much time with Wes. I need to spend more time with spike, obviously. Or… with Connor. Yeah, I need to spend more time with Connor, that’s what I should do. And that’s what I’m going to do.

Didn’t even have to lie when I told him I was gonna spend today at the library. He totally would never make the connection of Willow in the library equals she’s gonna investigate. Despite the look he gave me the previous night before we he slouched off to bed. Didn’t look to good either, guess his end of the investigation isn’t going to well or something? Dunno, he usually doesn’t let that get to his mood.

Must’ve been something else. So not my business.

Anyway, library, me and Connor. We decided yesterday that his dad and Wes could use some help with the investigations since it was getting absolutely nowhere. As far as we knew that is. And what better place to start then at the scene of the crime! Okay, so it was cleaned up and there probably weren’t any clues. But did that ever stop Nancy Drew? Or the famous five? I don’t think so!

There might be some people far willing to talk to me, or Connor then they were to Wes or Detective Callaghan. Or, a handsome as he is, Lindsey McDonald. Which I’m so totally never gonna tell Connor. That I think Lindsey’s handsome. At least Connor is handsome *and* cute. Besides, I think Lindsey has his eyes set on Cordelia. Poor guy. Really, really poor guy.

I made myself some breakfast and was still eating half of it as I made my way to the library. At least it wasn’t raining this time. In fact it looked like a sunny day would be ahead. Great! Maybe we could go to the park afterward. That thought made me grin from ear to ear as I stepped off the bus in front of the library. Connor wasn’t there yet, so I pulled out my book and sat down on the bench waiting for him.

Open for Connor
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boy_demon on February 24th, 2007 08:17 pm (UTC)
Stretching out under my blanket, I yawned and felt the nice glow of sunshine on my face. Wow, no rain. Nice change. Seemed like it'd been raining like crazy for Los Angeles. I don't remember there being so much rain in such a short time ever. Hmm, nice lazy, sunny day with nothing to do.


Willow! Library! Dang it!

Dashing around, I tried to get dressed and wash up, not really know what time it was, but figuring I was probably late.

Mom and Dad were pretty quiet in the kitchen when I tore through there for some toast and the last of the milk. Dad grumbled something at me, but he didn't look like he really cared much. Huh. I'll have to investigate this later. ...Though...I guess it's really none of my business. Shouldn't pry.

Hustling, I caught the next streetcar and waited very impatiently for the conductor to weave his way through the streets between me and Willow. I think I told Mom and Dad where I would be... They would have asked if I hadn't, I'm sure. Besides, I'm not a kid, I should be able to come and go as I please, right?

I ran from the trolley stop to the library and saw Willow looking happily ensconced in one of her mystery books. I slowed to a trot and watched her for a second, the excited smile on her lips made me make one of my own. Sliding onto the bench next to her so our knees were just touching, I asked, "Didn't keep you waiting long, did I?"
Willow Rosenberg: Glancing up w/smile_willow_magic on February 25th, 2007 10:49 am (UTC)
Huh. Connor’s a bit on the late side. Or maybe I’m early. That’s not totally impossible. When it comes to that Wes and I are alike. We’d rather be way to early then to late. Unlike Spike who’s always to late on principle. I think he does it to annoy Wes, or just to make a point. Not sure what point he’s trying to make by being late but hey.

I don’t mind waiting though. Brought a book as always and soon I’m lost in the next mystery Nancy Drew is in the verge of breaking. I know it’s a kids book, y’know, but I like reading it anyway. Wes tried to get me to read Agatha Christie, but I got a bit bored with Miss Marple. Maybe I should try that French dude next, Parrot or something.

Getting lost in the book I don’t find myself checking my watch again until Connor suddenly stands before me. I beam up at him and smile, *then* check my watch. Okay, I’m hiding the fact that I’m glancing at the way our knees are touching. Wow, makes my stomach flutter.

“N-no, no, not to long. Just got here myself and-and I had my book to keep me company,” I tell him, holing up the book. “See? Book. Which is great cover too since we’re gonna be in the library and stuff. Not that I took it with her on purpose, cause I always carry a book and… yeah. Ready to go in?” Great, I’m babbling. I’m surprised he’s not grown bored with the babbling yet. I know it makes Spike’s eyes roll and Cordelia sigh.
boy_demon on February 25th, 2007 03:23 pm (UTC)
She really doesn't notice me until I'm right next to her. I try to hide my smile for a few seconds until she does see me, and then I'm giving her this goofy grin, because I'm just really glad to see her. Willow first thing in the morning is something a guy could start to like. I mean, err, like this. Man, she makes me want to laugh out loud the way she just beams at me - not like laughing at her, I wouldn't do that - it just feels really good, you know? People don't beam enough. There should be more beaming. Though I think I could handle just Willow beaming as long as she kept doing it to me.

"Sure," I say with a smile, holding out a hand to help her up. Willow's cute when she babbles. And she's cute when she gets so caught up in her books. She's cute all the time, pretty much.

Especially when the sun's shining like this and her hair glows red, and her eyes are doing that sparkling thing, and damn these thoughts had better be in my head, or I'll never hear the end of it from anybody.

Waiting until her hand slips into mine, I smile at her some more and keep holding onto it - feeling a little giddy - as we head up the library steps. Hmm, guess I should calm down, we've got things to investigate. Serious business ahead. But glacing at Wills from the corner of my eye, I think I'll just keep being quietly giddy until we get inside.
Willow Rosenberg_willow_magic on February 26th, 2007 09:18 am (UTC)
At least he’s not making fun of me. Would’ve probably done the whole brave smiley thing if he had, but deep down? Yeah, no one likes being made fun of. And I’ve been made fun of enough in my life to know. The redhead jokes alone. And the babbling jokes too. Like that’s my fault. Okay the babbling is, but it’s not my fault I’m a redhead for example.

I have to be really careful or I’ll start babbling in my head too. And how silly would that be?

Tucking my book back into the bag, I take Connor’s hand with a smile and get up from the bench. It’s finally sunny after about a week of rain and we’re going to spend most of the day stuck in the library. Normally, I totally wouldn’t mind, cause hello? Books and stuff. I just hope we figure something out quicklike so we can take a walk in the part as well. Cause that’s just all kinds of romantic.

Holding onto Connor’s hand, - which is also all kinds of couply and makes my stomach all tingly - we make our way up those majestic stairs and into the library. It’s only just opened so there aren’t a lot of people around yet. Once were in, I glance around and wonder where the heck to begin. I mean, in those detective novels they always sort of…run into thing.

“So uhm…Lets say you’re a detective already and this is your case. What should we do next? Eavesdrop? Find the place where the crime…Oh. I’m thinking that’s over there with the tape around it. I hope there’s no blood left. Ew.”
boy_demon on March 5th, 2007 02:44 am (UTC)
Willow hand. This is good. Her hand, mine. Touching. Very good. I'm trying not to grin too much, otherwise she might think I'm off my rocker and I 'd like to continue the hand holding and not have Willow thinking I'm you know...worth committing, thank you.

The library's...kind of overwhelming. It's a lot bigger than the one on campus. Really majestic, and very...big. Yeah. Insightful, I know. It's a good thing I keep this stuff inside my head.

Thankfully, there aren't many people inside so maybe we can have the run of the place. I know Dad likes it when he can get his guys standing outside the door and have a crime scene to himself, so this is a start, at least. Hmm. I scan the the big main room and try to figure out where we should actually start.

Oh, Willow's saying things. I'm a detective. Eavesdropping? Or finding the crime scene? Umm... "Gross," I say without thinking. I guess I'll have to get over that if I want to go through the police academy. "Umm... Maybe we should talk to the other librarians? See if they knew that girl...Preston?" I screw up my face trying to think of her name. Yeah. Her last name is definitely Preston. I remember it from the paper Dad threw on the kitchen table before nearly storming off to work without his holster or his tie.

"Unless you want to see the crime scene?" I offer, trying to be a gentlemen...though, why a gentlemen would be offering to let his girl see a chalk outline and a blood stain, I don't know. But my mom always said a girl's got to stand on her own two feet.
Willow Rosenberg: Oooh!_willow_magic on March 10th, 2007 05:34 pm (UTC)
Watching Connor from the corner of my eyes, I can't help but smile a bit. He's already slipping into snoop mode. Oh, I don't think I'm supposed to say snoop. Makes Wes all kinds of pissy when I do that...err...or any of the other names. I think it's kinda cute but he says that's even worse. At least Spike thinks it's funny.

Connor however, goes into detective mode. The way those eyes scan the library, take in the people and the crime scene. Or what I think is the crime scene. Were they totally so must have gotten rid of the blood already. I mean, you can't have the library open for people when there's blood on the floor. Ew. Seriously Ew.

I nod firmly when Connor agrees on the Ew. "Very gross," I sigh, thinking that, hey, shouldn't a police officer not find that gross? I mean, not out loud anyway. Huh. Well, he's not an officer of the police yet. I'm sure he's just doing the whole indulgent thing which is so sweet. "Well, if she worked her they kinda should know her don't they? Although, big, huge library, maybe not."

They could be working in shifts or something. Since it's also open in the evenings and stuff. "Yeah, Preston," I nod while we move further into the library and over to where we think the crime scene is. Crime Scene, how exciting is that! Not that I'm all excited about a murder, poor girl. But...y'know, Crime Scene! And no Detective Callaghan or Wes to tell us no.

"Let's check out," and I pause here for a totally dramatic effect, "the Crime Scene first. Except when there's blood," I rush to ad, "Maybe you should go look first."
boy_demon on March 10th, 2007 06:14 pm (UTC)
"Well, you know, just because they work with her doesn't mean they're friends and stuff, I mean, it's not like my dad hangs out with many of the guys on the force after work. I was just thinking maybe one of 'em was closer to her, you know, might know if she had troubles or something," I say actually sounding kind of police-like, in spite of my being a little grossed out at the thought of a dead body.

Grinning a little a Willow's flair for drama - she should be a writer or something, or a teacher, the way she's always helping me with my homework - I pause for second, wondering if that's going to be the greatest idea, or if we're going to get in trouble for nosing into police business or library business, or something.

Glancing first at Willow, and then at the head librarian in the middle there - she looks mean, but maybe it's just the gray hair and the evil looking glasses the way she kind of looks down her nose, yeah she definitely looks mean - and back at Willow all excited, I squeeze her hand and stride right on over to that crime scene to check and see if there's any blood.

I look around for a few minutes feeling kind of creeped out that there was a woman here not long ago, and she was alive, but now she's not. And this is where she stopped doing that living. Very creepy.

Turning back once I assess that there is, in fact, no blood, I wave Willow over furtively.
Willow Rosenberg_willow_magic on March 12th, 2007 02:59 pm (UTC)
"That's what I said," I nod at his very impressive detective like speech, "Big, large library. Lots of people and stuff." He's gonna make such a great police officer one day. Dunno why his dad wont let him though. I mean, it's almost as if Mister Gallghan is ashamed of his own job. Why would he be? Everyone's always so impressed by the guy. Okay, most everyone. Spike's not I guess.

But that's cause he's been, y'know, tossed into the brick and Mister Callaghan called Wes. Don't think Spike will ever get over that. Heh.

Oh. Connor is moving. I stand back, nervously fingering the edges of my sleeves while he bravely goes to check out the crime scene. Crime Scene. How rad is that? Okay, less with the rad when there's blood. Ew again. So I keep an eye on Connor *and* the people around us just in case until he waves me over.

Whew, no blood. That is of the good.

I quickly make may way over - or as quickly as I can without looking suspicious - and join Connor at the Crime Scene. Which is disjointedly lacking any evidence of any crimes committed here. Except for the stupid tape they probably forgot to remove or something.

"Okay," I sigh, giving Connor a dismayed look, "that's like a whole lot of nothing." Now what? I'm not about to ask evil matrix over there anything. She scolded me once for coughing here. Wench. Wench? Great, I'm spending to much time with my cousins, next will be 'bloody' no doubt.

"So now what?" I ask Connor in a whisper that's really not much of a whisper. "Interrogations?" He’s totally the police officer in the making he’ll know what to do. Connor’s really clever that way.