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05 December 2007 @ 10:11 pm
At the same time some time down the line...

Why won't he open it? Why won't he just open the damn letter? They said I was in. They said I had promise. If he would just open it and see...

Dear Mr. Callaghan, your application to the Los Angeles Police Department has been accepted. Please report to...

I know Mom is okay with me going. I know maybe she doesn't like the idea, but she says it's my choice and I should show the world what I'm made of.

I know none of that matters though when he throws the letter on the table without even taking it out of the envelope.

"I thought you were studying for exams," he says, looking like he wants to kill me. What, what is so wrong with this? I would be so good! I have promise they said.

"I was, I did, Dad, Willow helped, I totally aced all the Academy tests, the really think I have a chance-"

"We agreed you were going to University."

"Dad, I know, I aced the exams this semester too. It wasn't easy, I couldn't have done it without Willow's help-"

"Maybe you should get a little less of Miss Rosenberg's help, and spend a little more time on your studies and not on- on-"

"What? No! You're not-" He's going to keep me from seeing Willow now too? He likes Willow! This makes no sense! I can hear Mom trying to step in but it's pointless. If there's one guy out there who really is as stubborn as a brick wall, it's my dad.

"Liam, honey, they've already accepted him. He wants to go-"

"We agreed on University. I'm working my behind off paying for University, not for you to go out-"

"And get myself shot. Right, Dad." Yeah, Dad, I've heard it all before. How many times have you given me this speech and how many times has it made absolutely no sense?! I glare at him, finally wrestling out of Mom's grip because I can't stand to look at him and listen to him be such a hypocrite. Why is it so bad that I want to be like him? Jerking a coat around my shoulders, I slam the rickety front door behind me. Dad'll have my hide for that, but it looks like the least of my worries right now.

Stuffing my hands in my coat, I stomp through the gray streets not caring who stares at the way I tear down the street, eyes nearly blind with rage. Who does he think he is?! My father, the great detective. My father, everyone's hero. My father, champion of those who can't help themselves. Well, he doesn't need to help me anymore.

I'm going to see Willow, I don't care what the old bastard says.

And I'm going to police academy, he'll see.

[Open to Willow and her insightful uncle Wesley]
Current Mood: aggravatedsullen
Willow Rosenberg: Willow Frown_willow_magic on December 6th, 2007 05:21 am (UTC)
Study, study and more with the study. Sometimes I wonder why I even wanted to go to college or university as cousin Wesley would say. Whatever. It's just that sometimes it's not worth the hassle, you know? It's not as if my diploma is gonna be worth the same as some guy and that makes me angry. Like guys are more. Luckily Connor's not like that. I mean, he thinks I'd make a great teacher even for older kids.

But for today? I'm so done with this whole study thing. I've closed my books, pushed them aside, which woulda earned me a Pryce Patented Raised eyebrow, I'm sure. If Wes were here, but he's gonna be home later. He left me a note saying he wasn't gonna be late today so maybe we could have dinner together. Which would be cool, I miss having dinner with the family.

Yeah, okay, that's a lie. Mom and Dad were always to busy for that. But it'd be nice to sit down for dinner together. At least it was the few times I did with Spike and Wes. Like Spike can say no to a free meal and I'm a good cook! Goodish, I'm not so bad.

And I'm in the middle of doing just that - goodish cooking - when there's some angry knocks on the door. Now, Wes told me to never open the door if I wasn't expecting anyone. He probably woulda said that even if he weren't sleuth. Curiosity wins out though, so I stand on my tips toes, lean in and peer out the window.

Oh! Connor? I know Wes doesn't like it when Connor's here and there's no... chaperone. Sometimes he's to old fashioned for his own good. But Connor looks-- upset? And he's a good guy! He wouldn't do anything! And I'm already on my way to open the door before I can finish the whole rant Wes is gonna give me in my head.

He looks upset. Connor I mean. Angry. Wow. "What's wrong?" I ask, hovering in the door uncertain before stepping aside. Wes is just gonna have to deal. Yeah.
boy_demon on December 9th, 2007 12:23 am (UTC)
I take the long way to Willow's trying to walk off my anger, annoyance, I don't know what it is, he just gets me so... God, he makes me want to kick things and scream or something. How can he be so smart and so dumb? My dad can find a murderer, but he can't see how much I want to go to the Academy? How much I want to help people? The way he helps them? Of everybody I would have thought he'd get that. Seriously, of all people out there, the one guy I would've thought would understand my choice would have been my dad. Sometimes, when he does stuff like this, I wonder if we're even related.

What a pig!

I kick some of the random trash, a can here and there on my way to Willow's. I hope she's home, and I kinda hope she's there alone. I know I'm not supposed to be there without her cousins around, but I need to talk her, you know? Can't just have Mr. Pryce hovering over my shoulder. He's a nice guy and all, but he'd probably tell my dad or something. Though, I guess they never really do work the same cases. Seem to run into each other a lot though. But Dad runs into a lot of people, I guess.

Sighing, I knock on the door. Dad's got time and patience for everyone in the world but me. I can't stand him!

"Hey," I mumble, stuffing my hands in my pockets when thankfully Willow opens the door. She still manages to make me feel shy and awkward though. How does she do that? "Think I can come in?" I ask her hopefully. "It's my dad again," I say, knowing that she'll know what I mean. I guess I kind of talk about this whole thing a lot, but Willow listens and there's not really anybody else who does.
Willow Rosenberg: Willow side look_willow_magic on December 9th, 2007 09:17 am (UTC)
His...dad. Yeah, I coulda guessed just that from the look on his face. He gets this face, which is angry and sad and frustrated all rolled into one when he has an argument with his dad. I mean, Mister Callaghan is a great guy, but sometimes he's a bit on the overprotective side.

Then again, so is Wes. It's a good thing they don't know each other better or they'd gang up on us I think. Wow. Men! Not Connor of course, cause he's different.

"Yeah sure," I say, nodding at him as I step aside and close the door behind him. Wes is gonna kill me for letting Connor in without anyone here. I mean, he'd even go for Spike being here, even though he's not much of a chaperone. Would probably just listen to the radio, be bored and ignore us.

Yeah, Wes is gonna kill me. Or us. Whatever.

"Do you want some tea? I was just done studying and-- Well, I was gonna start cooking," I add, looking at the kitchen thoughtful for a moment. "Hey you wanna join for dinner? Don't think Wes is gonna be home any time soon, he got another case of whatever." You could stop babbling now, Wills, that'd be of the good.

"So what happened?"
boy_demon on December 16th, 2007 12:54 am (UTC)
Willow's so great. I really- She's great.

She's so caring and sweet, and it seems like she'd do anything for her uncles, I mean, like you know if they needed her help, not like if they wanted her to clean the bathroom or something. And she does a lot for me. Like letting me in right now. We both know she's not supposed to, and maybe I shouldn't have asked, but I've just got to talk to somebody and Willow's the only one I can talk to about my dad.

"Dinner sounds great," I say, smiling just as my stomach rumbles. "I kind of skipped out before dinner," I say looking at her apologetically.

I follow her into the kitchen where I already feel at home, because it just feels...like Willow in here. Like the kitchen at home feels like my mom. Willow doesn't seem like the homemaker type of girl, but she does it anyway. It's what a girl's supposed to do. I think she's gonna be great at whatever she decides to do though. A brain like hers should be relieved of kitchen duty so she can think and stuff. She'd be a great teacher, I bet.

"He's just...being himself again. Stubborn." I say with a grumble, pulling out a chair at the small kitchen table. "I-I got my acceptance letter. For the Academy," I say shyly, looking over at her. It's because of her. She deserves about as much credit as I do.
Willow Rosenberg: Oooh!_willow_magic on December 16th, 2007 11:52 am (UTC)
There's an even brighter smile on my face when he tells me that dinner's great. He did have dinner here a few times, so he knows I can cook. Mom told me over the phone that it was really important that the boy knew I could cook and clean and stuff and blah blah blah. Sometimes Mom is so totally old fashioned. I mean, she wasn't to happy about me going to university either. Luckily Dad put his foot down.

Wait. "You skipped dinner?" I ask, giving him a worried look. That would like totally indicate that he did the storming out of the house thing. He's a lot like his dad, Connor is. And Wes tells me that Mister Callaghan is a bit of a stubborn 'arse'. Okay, he was pissed at something the man did and worded it totally different, but that was the gist of it.

Of course Connor is totally stubborn as well. I'm feeling so sorry for Mrs. Callaghan now, I mean they probably both did the storming out thing. Wonder what happened now, I'm sure Connor will tell me soon enough. Not that I'm dying of curiosity, nope, not me. Though I have to smile when Connor calls his Dad stubborn.

Checking on the food, I watch him from the corner of my eyes as he sits down and then finally blurts out what the problem is. Oh. I can see why his dad got angry. Okay, no I can't, it's great news. To anyone *but* Connor's dad it seem. Why can't he be happy for his son? That's totally something big!

"Oh Connor that's great!" I say, wincing when I come close to squealing. Totally un-lady like, but heck, this is great news! "What did it say? Did you take it with you?" I ask, eagerly moving over to sit down in front of him, big smile in place. "This really is great!"
boy_demon on December 22nd, 2007 03:27 am (UTC)
"Uhh, yeah," I say, a little sheepishly, rubbing the back of my neck. It dawns on me that maybe Mom might worry about me, but...I'm an adult now, I should be able to make my own choices even if it means skipping out on dinner. "I hope Wesley doesn't get upset with you if I join. I'm...I just really needed to talk to you," I say, tracing a spot on the table before glancing back at her where she's keeping track of things at the stove.

When I tell her about the letter, I'm thinking she couldn't care less about her uncle Wesley right now, because she practically jumps up and down when I tell her. See, that was more of the reaction I was hoping for. Granted, my mom did smile and I actually think she's pretty proud of me.

I grin back at Willow who I *know* is proud of me. That's why she's great.

My face falls though when she asks if I brought the letter. Dang, I left it on the table. "Shoot, I was kind of in a rush and I just left it on the table," I say, wrinkling up my nose apologetically.

"But they think I have promise," I tell her, my smile returning. "Potential," I add, hand creeping a little closer to hers on the table without thinking. "Thanks to you," I add, giving her a shy look. We're still feeling things out here, but I don't care what my dad says, I think Willow's the one who's got potential. "You know you're the reason I got in, don't you?" I say, looking full into those pretty green eyes of hers.
Willow Rosenberg: Willow Redhead_willow_magic on December 26th, 2007 04:31 pm (UTC)
I feel so, so sorry for Connor's mom right now. I mean, I love the guy and all but sometimes - lots of times, most of the time - he can be as stubborn as his dad. Considering I only have to deal with Connor and she has to deal with both? Yeah wow, so glad I'm not in her shoes. Connor at times is a hard enough case. Course I got Spike and Uncle Wes to deal with, who are in a whole different league of stubborn.

Still, I'm so totally understanding Connor too. Don't get why is dad can't be proud of him. Not like they accept just about everyone at the police academy! 'Specially not the position Connor applied for, and got accepted for. Oh, my geeze! He got accepted at the academy just like he wanted! This is so unbelievable.

I keep one eye on the stove but my face falls a little bit when he tells me that he's left the letter at home. Ah. Drat. I wanted to read all the praising words and such. Not like I can swell up any more with pride I'm thinking but I sure as heck could try! Still, it's great news, very great of the good news.

"Promise," I echo after him, nodding eagerly, "and potential. See? Told ya you'd do great." More nodding and we're both smiling like a couple of idiots. Yeah it's a dangerous job, but so's his dads. And so's Spike and Uncle Wes' job, if not more dangerous kinda.

"Well, *I* think this is great news and-- huh?" I'm the reason he got him? I don't follow. "How'd you figure that?" I ask, still looking at him with that stupid silly smile on my face.
boy_demon on January 1st, 2008 07:55 pm (UTC)
She's so excited that it makes me grin like crazy. It's so funny having someone be so excited about your plans. I mean, mom is okay about it, and encouraging, but nothing like Willow. She's...totally supportive of whatever I'd want to do. It's just...different.

I reach to run my fingers along her hair, that one piece that always slips out from behind her ear, and I twine a strand or two between my fingers to keep myself from touching her, you know, more. Inappropriately for a guy alone with a girl. That's why I'm sticking with the hair touching. She's got such soft hair. Really pretty. Which is about the time I realize I must have gotten a bit closer to her. Huh. Well, I didn't really mean to do that, but Willow, she just makes me want to be near her, no matter what my dad says.

"All that studying you helped me with, all that homework you helped me with. I couldn't have don't it without you," I tell her earnestly, glancing at her and then dropping my hand away with the faintest brush to her cheek. What if her uncle walked in. I wouldn't want to get her in more trouble. I'm already walking a fine line being here alone with her and we both know it.

My eyes drop to the table when I think about what my dad said and then think that Mr. Pryce might say it too. "My dad- my dad thinks I shouldn't spend so much time with you," I say, veering back and forth between anger, annoyance, and sadness. I mean, it's not like we're doing anything wrong. We haven't done anything wrong like run off together or even- even anything. It's all been really proper. And I would never do anything to hurt Willow's reputation.

Something spits on the stove and I jump out of my thoughts, looking at Willow. "Maybe I shouldn't stay, I don't want to get you in trouble, Wil," I say, frowning.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes broodwatcher_pryce on January 2nd, 2008 04:58 am (UTC)
"It's a little late for that. Wouldn't you say so, boy?"

I'd been standing there for a little while now. Torn between smiling at the two kids and their young love, and wanting to get a stern lecture out for catching them alone. Without a chaperone. I know they're both descent children, and Liam raised his boy well. Still, it's not proper to be alone at this age yet, especially since they both have a tendency to get carried away.

Then of course there's the fact that I was curious as to what was going on to make him so gloomy and her so excited. Rather a contradiction if you will. Didn't take me long to get some of what happened. It would seem Connor finally got accepted into the academy. Just what Liam *didn't* want. Dear lord, a small war must've happened.

For now though, I have a different matter on hand. Namely, my cousin being alone with a boy she loves. In my house.

Giving them both a stern look, I hang my coat over the chair and cross my arms in front of my chest. My eyes briefly flit over to the stove, but I trust Willow to keep on eye on things there. Despite everything. She does have the deer caught in headlights look.

"Either of you are to tell me what's going on here?"
Willow Rosenberg: Eep!_willow_magic on January 2nd, 2008 04:59 am (UTC)
He's so sweet. Thanking me for studying with him. Course I was doing my own studying at the time to, so it was a dual kinda working out thing. But really, it's all his own work. He's the one who did the work and he's the one who's getting into the academy. Now if only his dad would be proud of him, instead of shunning away from the whole thing. I just don't get that man.

I keep gazing at him, thinking we're totally looking like the stereo typical love struck teenagers. Which we are, but there's more to it then that. We're gonna be together. Once he's done with the academy and I got myself a teaching job? We can both start *our* lives and so not depend on Wes and Connor's parents no more. And we're gonna be great, we're gonna make it.

Although, hearing him say that his dad thinks Connor spends to much time with me, makes the smile disappear and my face fall. "He does?" I murmur softly, feeling a little hurt by that. I guess mister Callaghan doesn't like me very much then. Don't think I've ever done anything to make him not like me. Aside from being related to Wes an Spike maybe. So that could be it.

And just as I'm about to tell him that he's so not leaving and we're going to have dinner - trouble schmable - there's a voice I so did *not* want to hear. It's soft, and cultured but the tone makes it sound as though it's booming through the kitchen. Oops? And drat!

"Wes-ley! Hi! Uh... nothing's going on. Erm. Other then that Connor got accepted into the police academy and-and he came to tell me! Isn't it great! And pleasedontbemad," I babble, way to fast.
boy_demon on January 6th, 2008 04:41 am (UTC)
I jerk my hands automatically away from anywhere that could even remotely be thought of as near Willow when I hear her uncle's voice. Darn, darn, double darn. A damn might even be called for.

I wince internally, but look the guy in the eye, because we definitely weren't doing anything wrong, even though Mr. Pryce's voice makes me feel like we were. He's got a talent for that, I think.

"It's my fault Mr. Pryce. Don't blame Willow," I say, trying to be a man and own up. Even though we didn't do anything! "I- I- My dad and I had a fight. I didn't know where else to go," I say, hoping he'd understand something like that.

"I can go, I don't want Willow to get in trouble," I add, already scooting back my chair to get up from the table. I'm not sorry I came, but I'd hate if I got Willow in trouble. Mr. Pryce knows how to be strict when he wants to be. Willow's gotten a whole lot of lectures because of me. Well, relating to me. I know Mr. Pryce doesn't hate me, he's just looking out for Willow. Can't say I blame him for wanting to do that.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes sitting stairs S4watcher_pryce on January 6th, 2008 11:08 am (UTC)
Oh lord, he's very much his fathers son isn't he? Already taking the blame, shifting the guilt question toward himself. How often have I not seen Liam do exactly the same? And how many time haven't I wanted to hit him over the head because of that. Actually, come to think of it, I have hit him over the head because of it.

I'm slightly amused at how fast they jump apart, as though they were doing something terribly, terribly wrong. Unless the boy's been here for a while now, I haven't seen much other then hand holding and him touching her hair. There's nothing really bad about that, I suppose, but it's inappropriate. Well, the hair touching is, I don't mind the hand holding.

But instead of showing my amusement - which would also not be appropriate - I walk over to them. One hand lands heavily on Connor's shoulder and pushes him back down in his seat. He lands back in the chair with a thud and they both look at me a little fearful. I'm not that frightening am I? Goodness.

"Not so fast, boy," I murmur, moving past them to un-strap the shoulder holster which hold my gun. Moving back into the living room, I put it in the small safe quickly before moving back to the kitchen. They're both still there, looking at each other wide eyed.

"Willow, shouldn't you mind the stove?" I point out, sitting down next to Connor. "What did your father and you have a fight about?" this time, I want to ad, but play the ignorant fool. They're not supposed to know Liam tells me most everything that's going on there.
Willow Rosenberg: Willow Frown_willow_magic on January 6th, 2008 11:09 am (UTC)
Oh no. No! I want to shout at Connor. Don't leave! I just want to grab his hand and pull him back down cause we were doing nothing wrong! Okay, other then the whole hand holding and the... he touched my hair. Which I liked. But it's probably not 'appropriate'. Sometimes that's like totally getting on my nerves. Really a lit. I mean, we haven't even really kissed cause of this whole... stuff.

My mouth opens and closes several times, but nothing comes out. What does come out is another small 'eep' when Wes comes closer and pushes Connor back down on the chair. Oh crap, we're so in trouble now aren't we? We're so very much in trouble. And Connor's dad is already of the angry with him. So, *not* of the good.

"Oh," I breathe when Wes points out I should watch the stove. Sure, woman's thing and... Oops! The food is gonna burn if I don't do something quicklike. I'm guessing he has a point then. I get u fast and move over to the stove, keeping my eyes down at the floor and then at the pots and the pans. I was looking forward to dinner - with Connor - now? Not so much.

What was I thinking? Inviting him inside. Inviting him to dinner. But we didn't do anything wrong!

I keep glancing over my shoulder carefully when Wes comes in. What's so scary about him is that he's always so calm and collected. I haven't heard him shout once since I came here. Asked Spike about that and he said that if Wes started to shout? You *really* had to get out fast.

So I'm guessing it's a good thing he's calm and collecty guy. I give Connor an apologetic look when Wes asks about the fight, thinking he probably doesn't want to talk about that. But hey, maybe Wes can help. I mean, he knows mister Callaghan right? A bit? Probably only job related. Yeah, so not gonna work. And I'd better focus on dinner, or it'll really be spoiled.
boy_demon on January 6th, 2008 05:16 pm (UTC)
It really seems like I should get up. I really, really don't want Wil to get in more trouble than she already is, so I'm trying to get up from the table to get my coat when there's a- well, okay. I'm being push back into my seat. Mr. Pryce surprises me so much that I just plop back down with a nice thud. I'm pretty stunned, so I might as well be stuck to my seat while I glance over at Willow anxiously. Is he going to interrogate me? Is he just going to arrest me and bring me in? And he's unstrapping his holster, so maybe- is he? He's not really going to shoot me, is he? Oh, shoot! What the heck is going on?!

Normally, I'd probably be up and trying to get the guy so that they didn't move onto Willow next but this is her uncle- no her cousin, I always get that confused since he might as well be her dad while she's here - and he doesn't actually sound...mad, but he's got that cold tone that says 'don't mess with me' so I'm not messing, I'm sitting, looking at Willow kinda worriedly.

And now he wants to know what my father and I had a fight about. Wait, what? I look at him confused, and then over at Willow at the stove. Is he joking? I look at Mr. Pryce again confused.

"You really want to know?" I ask him, still baffled since it's not like the two of us have a lot of heart-to-heart talks and the like. I see him smile once in awhile when I'm here with Willow, chaperoned, but other than that, he kind tends to keep his distance.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: WWPwatcher_pryce on January 7th, 2008 04:49 am (UTC)
Distrustful little chap isn't he? Not sure if he has that from his father or his mother. They're both a little bit paranoid. They both have some trouble trusting other people might not be out to get them. Makes me wonder if the boy knows about Darla's past, what she was before she met Liam. Not that I'm about to let that cat out of the bag. I've never asked Liam about that, we don't talk about... her.

Lacing my fingers together, I put my elbows on the table and lean my chin on my hands. The boy gets a piercing look while he does the whole paranoid thing. Did I ever give him a reason to fear me? Or be distrustful toward me? This must’ve been some fight for Connor to be so upset.

"No," I tell him when he blurts out his question. *That*, is something he has in common with Willow. Young people these days, talking before thinking. "I'm usually in a habit of asking people questions I want on answers to. I just think it's funny."

This time I manage not to roll my eyes but I'm sure it's audible in my face. With a sigh I lean back into my chair, eyes darting over to Willow who's pretending to be busy at the stove. "Would you rather I contact your father and ask him to come pick you up?" Not that I would, because then he’d really be in trouble. Maybe I’ll go look for him after I’ve taken Connor home, later.
Willow Rosenberg: Willow banner_willow_magic on January 7th, 2008 04:51 am (UTC)
Connor kinda looks like Wes is about to shoot him. Huh. Weird. Yeah, I know Wes can look like a right...jerk. And he can do the cold intimidating voice. Heck, I was totally intimidated till I got to know him better. Of course Spike telling stories of him and Wes in England made me see a totally other side of them anyway. And they're family. So yeah, I keep forgetting how he may look to others.

Or to Connor in this case. Connor who's doing a great dear in headlights thing. Wow. I feel sorry for him, especially when Wes gets out his sarcasm. Which is always a sure sigh that his patience is very thin. Almost none existing. I guess we were lucky not to get a lecture right away, but if that tone of voice is anything to go by? We're about to.

Wincing, I glance over my shoulder at Connor and give him some hand signals to cut it out. Just go with the flow and all that. Whatever Wes wants right now cause we sure as *heck* don't want him to contact Mister Callaghan! Connor's in enough trouble as it is. Geeze.

Oh and dinner is ready. I guess Connor is gonna stay after all then. I mean, what with Wes asking him to tell what's wrong and all that? I dunno. Shrugging, I put the food on three plates and then move toward the table. Wes first, then Connor and then myself. Nervously I sit down at the table and stay really, really quiet. This is probably one of those guy things.
boy_demon on January 8th, 2008 02:54 am (UTC)
Okay, Mr. Pryce. I give him a look, because it seemed like a fair question to me. It's not like we're pals. And if he's any kind of friends with my dad well, then he probably feels the same way. And since when do adults care about what kids have to say? Not that Willow and I are kids. We could be out of the house and having jobs if we wanted. But we're trying to do something more for ourselves. And if we have a family...

All right, don't need to go there right now when Mr. Pryce is staring at me like he might drill a hole straight through me. "He's probably not home, anyway," I mutter, thinking of the times lately he's been out working when he could have been home. With mom. Or talking to me instead of being a huge- well anyway.

"I got into the police academy. And he still doesn't want me to go. He's been opposed to it all along, and he's on the force himself!" I give a quick glance towards Willow, not wanting to upset her, but figuring it's kind of important and she should probably know if we have to start sneaking around or something, "And since Willow's been so supportive and has been helping me study, he's- he-" Dang, I don't even want to say it. "He thinks I've been seeing too much of her. He didn't say I couldn't see Willow, but..." I trail off and shrug my shoulders in defeat. He might as well have said it. I'm too busy being frustrated and trying to explain this I don't even notice the food Willow's putting on the table.

I was kind of hoping I'd at least have his blessing with Willow if not the police academy. I mean not that we're getting married anytime soon, but you know... maybe some day. But this is just going too far. "He's being so stubborn!" I say, curling my hands into fists on the table. I'd call him stupid too if it were just Willow and me, but Mr. Pryce... I don't think he'd take that too well. He's pretty proper and likes following the rules, I think. "I, umm, I think he's kind of blaming Willow for me getting in." He can't do this, he just can't do this! He can't hurt Willow just because of something I'm doing that he doesn't like.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: close upwatcher_pryce on January 8th, 2008 03:34 pm (UTC)
Not only extremely distrustful, but sullen and sulky as well. Goodness, he really *is* his father's son isn't he? I'm betting he has a flaring temper as well. Considering his mum's even worse when it comes to that then Liam, I'm worried the boy has gotten that from both sides. Well, he'd better be careful. And he'd better channel that temper in a good way and not toward my cousin or he'll really be in trouble. So far he hasn't, he's been nothing but a good lad. Now, however, we'll learn what he's made off. Stress will chance anyone.

"Thank you, Willow," I murmur, picking up the utensils to start eating. While Connor tells the tale I've already guessed. Though the news that Liam thinks Connor is seeing to much of Willow is. News. Yes, Liam had expressed his concern, but I thought he was just being an over protective father. I'm protective of Willow as well, but I'm not her father. I guess it's different?

And Connor is certainly on a roll. I keep chewing on the food while listening to him carry on. Willow will make a man a bloody fine wife one day. She most certainly can cook. If Connor plays his cards right he might be that man to snap her up for life. I suppose that marriage would be more pleasant if one got along with one's father in law. That sort of reminds me of the talk I had with Cordelia the other day. Something I don't to think about, because I think she knows. Guesses. Not about Liam mind you, but about me. And that's something I can't afford.

"Eat your dinner, boy," I say gruffly once he's done telling the tail of complaints. Can't exactly blame him for running off, even if it was the wrong thing to do. It would also be somewhat hypocritical, considering I've ran off to another country to avoid my father. I'm still not sure if it was the right thing to do or not. If it made me happier. At least I'm still alive and in once piece.

"I'm sure he doesn't blame Willow, young man," I assure them both, having seen the look of distress in Willow's eyes. "I'm sure he's just afraid for you. It's not a very safe profession, as you know. He was probably hoping you'd find yourself a nice, comfortable, safe job where you wouldn't have to worry about getting shot or beat up, or worse, every day, son." Pausing my eating, I look up at him and narrow my eyes. "Don't you think?"
Willow Rosenberg: Willow side look_willow_magic on January 8th, 2008 03:35 pm (UTC)
Fiddling nervously with the fork, I sit down and keep looking at my plate. It's Connor's favorite, I realize. Must've known he was going to come over today? And that he'd be upset? Okay, creepy much, Wills? Still, this is not of the good. I mean, Wes is always calm and I can talk to him about most things. Thank god for Cordelia being there for the more... awkward things that makes both Spike and Wes blush. Makes me feel more comfortable too not having to talk to my cousin about *that*.

Anyway, I know I can talk to him about anything. And that he's got this calming effect on their clients. Though, the choice being Spike, Cordelia or Wes... Yes, he doesn't really strike most people as the comforting type. Gruff, stoic English man. And then there's gruff, stoic, Connor's dad. Who doesn't like me. What? He-he doesn't like me? My head shoots up and I look at Connor with wide eyes filled with hurt.

He doesn't like me and he blames *me*? Because I encouraged Connor to aim for what he wanted. Oh. Oh gosh I had no idea things were that bad. There's a small sound of distress coming from the back of my throat and suddenly I don't have much appetite left. Not that there was much to begin with but... Aw, that just sucks like big time. Mister Callaghan blames me? I look at Wes as well, wondering what he thinks about it.

Of course he does the short words thing. Or not so short. I'm also not sure Connor's dad doesn't blame me. Eep. "Couldn't you talk to mister Callaghan?" I ask, giving Wes a desperate look. "Maybe he'll listen to you? I-I mean if Connor doesn't....mind." I probably shouldn't have said that, Connor wont be happy. "I'm sorry," I mumble, quickly glancing at the table.
boy_demon on January 13th, 2008 04:41 am (UTC)
I can't help giving Mr. Pryce another look when he calls me 'boy', again. Does he not like me? I know we don't know each other too well, but I never thought he...looked down on me. And it's not like I have to listen to anything he tells me to do. I'd be ready to go without dinner at that tone from him if I didn't think it would totally hurt Willow's feelings. She went through all this trouble and she even made...my favorite. I flash her a small smile and dig in finally, not at all acknowledging her cousin's gruff orders. He's not my boss that's for sure.

"So it's okay for him, but I'm not allowed to? You do it, he does it. Is it really such a bad thing to want to help people?" I grouse, stabbing at things on my plate, but savoring it all the same. Definitely backing off on the whole dad blaming Willow thing though. I saw how she looked, and I thought Mr. Pryce was going to kill me with that look he gave me. Guess I'm not the only one who's protective of Willow.

"He doesn't listen to anybody," I mumble, looking at Willow sadly. I don't want my dad to think this her fault, or to act like she's the one who made me want to go to the police academy. I want them to get along, because I want to- well, a girl like Willow's got to be courted properly and everything, you know?

"He wants what he wants and he'll do whatever it takes to get his way," I add, trying to be a little more polite about my eating. I remember once I thought him being stubborn was a good thing. There were these skates I wanted. Wanted 'em so bad. And he said they were gonna be mine. He worked double shifts for two weeks to get me those skates. Mom told him to stop, that he was wearing himself out, but he wouldn't listen. Kissed me good night before he went to work after dinner, and again at breakfast. Two weeks, that was all I saw of him, but when those two weeks were up there were the skates, bright and shiny by my bed one morning.

He's not just going to listen to Willow's guardian because Mr. Pryce puts up a fuss for me. It's never going to matter. "You can talk to him, but he won't listen," I say, morosely, looking over at Willow. I don't want to lose her. Not now.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Red Shirtwatcher_pryce on January 13th, 2008 11:32 am (UTC)
Hmmm. I am not liking his tone of voice, which is pretty sure showing on my face when I look at Connor. I don't say anything yet though, letting the boy ramble on. Yes, I do understand that he's angry, but I doubt Liam would let him get away with that tone of voice toward any adult. He'd have boxed the boys ears by now, and that would have nothing to do with the whole academy thing. But everything with the boy's tone of voice and his attitude.

I blame Darla for that. She was the one raising him, while Liam worked hard night and day. But I can't bring myself to think badly about Darla, the guilt consuming me there I suppose. But I really blame Darla for the way is acting toward his elders. If I were to ever, *ever* use that tone of voice toward an adult while my father had been in hearing distance? Boxing my ears would have been considered a lucky punishment. I wouldn't have dared it at any rate, this sort of behavior has a funny way of ending up being heard by ones father at any rate.

Not that it matters in my case anyway.

"Do not ever use that tone of voice with me again, young man," I say quietly, calmly once he's done ranting. Looking up from my meal, I give him a piercing look while wiping my mouth off on the napkin. "I understand that you're angry, but I am rather disappointed to hear this tone of defeat in your voice. Already giving up are we? I had expected better of you, boy."

My eyes narrow again when that mouth opens again for more words of retort I'm sure. "I'm allowing you to date my cousin. I do not allow just *anyone* to do so," I tell him, wondering if that hint gets through to his thick skull. Doubtful, subtle doesn't work on his father either.

Scooting the chair back from the table, I look pointedly at his plate and raise an eyebrow. "I believe you're done, Connor. Time to go home. Say goodbye to Willow and I'll drive you home," I tell him, the tone of my voice making it fully clear that an argument would not be wise. Then on my way back from dropping the boy off, I can look for Liam. "I'll wait in the car."
Willow Rosenberg: Willow Redhead_willow_magic on January 13th, 2008 11:33 am (UTC)
Oh geeze, Connor really is totally down isn't he? I look at him sadly, pushing the food around on my plate. Now I'm really not hungry no more. Can probably put it in some boxes and then see if I can keep it. Left over for tomorrow. Or you know, Spike when he comes by. Its kinda funny to see that same flash in Connor's eyes, I often see in Spike's as well. Mostly when Wes uses that tone of voice. He uses it with me sometimes.

Guess Wes is older then we are. He's like an adult. Spike is only two years younger then Wes but sometimes I think I'm more of an adult then Spike. So I guess I can't blame Wes for talking to him like he's a kid at times. Can't really blame him for talking that way to Connor either-- doubt Connor realizes he's even being nice about it. Any other boy would've found himself out on the street by now with a few more bruises to show for.

Still, I can't help but wince at Wes' tone of voice when he tells Connor off. Just like I had to wince at Connor's tone of voice when he was doing his rebel rebel thing. Or what passes for rebel in Connor's case. Doubt his mom and dad would really go for that. Though they do let him get away with a lot. I mean, how often doesn't he fight with his dad? And he still loves the man, I know that. Spike and Wes? Hate their dad. And I know that if I ever talked to *my* dad like that? I'd be having a burning backside now.

Don't see why Mister Callaghan wouldn't listen to Wes. They seem to be getting along. Maybe Connor's dad just needs some other adult who's not part of the family tell him what's the what. You know, someone who's not to close to him and stuff. Wes would be perfect! And people listen to him! I wish Connor wasn't so depressed. Man, fathers and sons, it's like this amazing thing someone should study. Or, you know, men in general.

"I'll clean up the table," I murmur, recognizing *that* tone of voice from Wes. Giving Connor a shy smile, I scoot back and start to gather the dishes and the leftovers to be put away. At least Wes is giving us a moment to say goodbye. That's something, right? Yeah, that's gotta be something. Gosh, I just hope I can cheer Connor up a little bit. Sighing, I put down the dishes and then turn around to face Connor.
boy_demon on January 13th, 2008 05:02 pm (UTC)
My face contorts when her cousin tears into me as if he's my father. Yeah, he might be old enough to be, but- I grit my teeth and do what I can not to growl at him for talking to me this way, because this is Willow's house too, if I can't be polite towards her cousin, I can be polite for her. Or try at least. Who does he think he is?!

And he just continues to make me bristle, what because he knows he can? He asked *me* what was wrong. I guess he was just being polite. I thought he wanted to help, not to throw it back in my face. What can I do? He's my dad and he won't even let me talk to him about it. What other options do I have but to give up or try to leave. Which is the biggest joke I've ever heard. My dad's a detective for Christ's sake. He'd find me and drag me back home, quit the Police Academy for me, and keep me at home as some accountant or something equally boring. So to have this- this- guy tell me he's disappointed in me, well, that's just one more person, isn't it?

But bringing Willow into it? That's the real cause for making me want to attack him. I don't know if he's trying to give me a back-handed compliment or threaten me that he'll take Willow away from me just like my dad. This is what I get for trying to trust some adult.

I want to to run away. I'm not a kid anymore, but everyone insists on treating me like one. Yeah, I know it's not mature to run away, but if they expect me to be immature, then why not just fulfill their expectations?

I swallow whatever fight I had in me when he tells me I'll be going home now. Heh. Isn't that great? I feel even worse now than I did before I came here.

Waiting until I hear the outside door close, I get up and take a few more dishes to the sink for Willow. I know. It's woman's work. But that never made sense to me anyway. When I get those big green eyes turned on me though, I feel so confused. "I'm sorry," I say, slipping my hand tentatively into hers. "I didn't mean to bring this to your house too," I say feeling beyond miserable, but trying to put on a good face for her.
Willow Rosenberg: Willow Sad_willow_magic on January 14th, 2008 05:05 am (UTC)
Wow. The different looks on Connor's face are totally fascinating. And a little bit frightening. I'm guessing the reason Wes is cutting the conversation short is cause Connor's totally not reasonable right now. So angry he can't think straight, cause if he could think straight he woulda listened to Wes. I'm sure of it.

He *is* giving up, and that I don't like. Not one bit. Can see it in his posture, the way his shoulder slump, the way his eyes have this dejected look in them. Not good, not good at all. He worked so hard to get in, he can't give up now cause his dad says he can't! I mean, that's totally not up to his dad anyway!

I sigh when Connor comes closer and slips his hand into mine. "He's right, you know," I murmur, tilting my head as I look at him. So angry now, just...angry. "If he didn't think you'd be good for me, he wouldn't have allowed you even within ten feet of me." That's true. I've seen how he handled the boys who he - or Spike for that matter - thought weren't gonna be good for me. Connor on the other hand? They like him. Heck, with what we just now?

"He could have totally called the cops and have you arrested, you know," I try, wanting him to listen at least a little bit. "But he didn't. So maybe when you're not so angry no more you can think about what he said? I'm pretty sure he could talk some sense into your dad. They seem to, you know, respect each other." Even if they don't know each other that well.

Glancing toward the door when I hear Wes' car drive up front, I quickly lean up on my tipy toes and give Connor a kiss on his cheek. "It'll be okay, Connor. I just know it. Don't give up yet, you're gonna be 18 soon and then your dad can't stop you no more, right?" I'm guessing that's only half the issue. I'm guessing the other half is wanting his dad to be proud of him. Men. Strange species, seriously.

"You better get going," I say, giving his hand a squeeze, "Before Wes comes to get you and then you'd be in real trouble."