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07 January 2007 @ 03:20 pm

You know, I love my mom and all, but sometimes, sometimes, I could just kill her.

I've finally got Willow over, all to myself, and mom keeps bursting in, sticking her nose out from the kitchen to see if we need anything. First it was drinks, then cookies. Normally, mom's not one for indulging me and my dad with stuff, you know waiting on us hand and foot, but today she can't seem to think of enough excuses to bug Willow and me. It took three weeks of twisting Mr. Pryce's arm just to get him to consider letting Willow come over here alone. He sure does worry about her honor a lot. I would never do something rotten like that, though. My dad taught me better than that. Made sure I always gave a lady respect. Especially, any lady older than me.

Speaking of my dad, I'm kind of wondering why he isn't home yet. But he does have weird hours some nights. Maybe something came up on that librarian girl's case. I bet Willow and I could solve it. She's a smart dame- I mean, girl...or, I guess, really, she's a woman. Yeah. She's darn smart for a woman. Or a guy. But her whole family's smart. Mine...mine's more of the punch 'em out and make 'em tell you what you need to know type.

But I should probably be focusing on this math, or history, or english homework that we're supposed to be working on. Whichever it is. Willow, she just zips on like it's all easy and she's just here humoring me. Well, maybe she is. I glance at her, and give her a smile. She's...pretty, too. Can't believe she likes me.

"You figure out that last, uhh, problem?" Okay, hopefully, we're doing math, otherwise I'm probably gonna sound pretty darn stupid. Oh, well. Looking at Willow is way better than doing homework.

[Open to Miss Rosenberg]
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Willow Rosenberg: Willow side look_willow_magic on January 8th, 2007 12:04 am (UTC)
Oh geeze, you think we were gonna do something really stupid like. What with the way Wes kept asking and nagging and … actually, he gave in pretty easy. Muttered something about Mister Gallaghan and held out for only like three weeks before he said it was okay. I’m kinda thinking Spike did some fast talking too where that’s concerned.

Can hear him now. ‘C’mon Wes, gotta live on the wild side once and a while,’ he’d say, ‘girl’s smart. Not like she’s gonna do something stupid like you would.’ Which would earn him a glare and then Spike would grin from ear to ear and…yeah. So after I promised Wes like ten times that we were only be gonna be doing homework and that Mrs. Callaghan - and why he got that guilty look in his eyes everytime I mention her I dunno - was gonna be there the whole time, only then did he agree.

Gosh, I don’t even wanna think the kinda arm twisting it’s gonna take if Connor would finally ask me out on a date. Would he ask me out on a date? That’s kinda running ahead of yourself there, Wills. Just cause he likes you, a lot, a way lot, don’t mean he’s gonna ask you out on a date. Oh brother, this dating, not dating, I-like-you-a-lot thing is hard.

“That kinda depends on what your last problem was, Connor,” I giggled, realizing the he’d not been paying attention to my explanation at all. He was doing that far away looking thing again. It’s cute kinda. “Your mom came in with more cookies,” I offered, pointing to the now very filled plate of cookies. “Is she like.. A baker to make money on the side?” Don’t think so. Mister Callaghan don’t seem like the type to let his woman work, or something.

Oh gosh, I hope Connor’s not like that. Cause, hello! Study girl here.
Keep Me: connor_keep_me on January 8th, 2007 02:21 am (UTC)
I blush. Yup, stupid looking. I smile back at her with a broad grin though. Hey, I made her do that cute laughing thing. I think only Willow does that. Maybe I just haven't been around enough girls. It's really cute when she does that, though. I know my mom never does that. This is what I get for being stuck with guys in school all the time.

"Nah," I duck my head a little. How embarrassing. "Mom's just.. nosy. She doesn't work anymore," I lean in just a little bit, not enough to seem...like Willow's, uhh, Mr. Pryce's brother, Spike, but just to, you know, be conspiratorial-like and whisper, "but I think right now, she's being a spy for Mr. Pryce and my dad."

"I am not spying, Connor, I am merely being a good hostess. It happens, you know." Mom bustles in with a small bit of more food, looks like...fruit this time. I swear, she's got ears like a bat sometimes. She gives me a smirk and smiles politely at Willow before bustling out again. She really is a good cook, she just hates...being the one doing stuff for other people. Not like she's lazy, but Mom would rather be the boss than take orders. So I guess 'it happens' is an accurate description.

I glance at Willow sheepishly and wait until mom's out of earshot again. It's kind of embarrassing having your mom around all the time, but what with school, I can't afford to move out, and I'm not sure dad would let me. He's pretty protective. If he'd just let me join the police force, we wouldn't have this problem.

"So, umm, you heard any more about that case Mr. Pryce is working on?" I say, trying to be smooth and change the subject away from the homework I'm clearly not doing.
Willow Rosenberg_willow_magic on January 8th, 2007 08:25 am (UTC)
He’s totally blushing. How cute is that? Not sure why he’s doing the blushy thing, but I don’t really care. It’s totally cute and wow, it makes those blue eyes stand out like… something really poetic. Shouldn’t be trying to even think anything poetic, cause I’d totally end up doing it as badly as Spike when he tries to get in the girls. Dunno why they keep falling for it, it’s way bad.

Wait, Mrs. Callaghan I a spy? “Wow, really?“ My eyes go wide at that thought and there’s a small pout appearing. How come she gets to spy for Wes but when I ask all I get is the fond look and the not so fond lecture. ‘it’s to dangerous, Willow. But you can help me with the research’. Why would she spy for Detective Callaghan though….Oh. Spy on us! Gotcha, and so not of the amusing.

Where’s the trust? Hello!

Speaking of spies, both Connor and I had been getting way closer but fly back to sit up straight the moment his Mom comes into the room again. With fruit. Claiming she’s not a spy. I glance at the cookies, and the tea - neither Detective nor Mrs. Callaghan seem like the tea type, more the coffee like persons - and now the fruit and fight not to snort. It’s not very lady like, Wes told me. Which made Spike snort. But yeah right, not a spy.

We glance at each other sheepish and I can feel my own blush rising now. Okay, totally with the embarrassing. Wish she would just like, I dunno, stay *out* of the room for like half an hour or so? She can’t even seem to do it for five minutes. Geeze.

“Huh? Oh the case. Naw, he wont tell me anything,” I sulk, “Says there’s no research to be done yet. Said if there was, I’d be the fist to ask though.” So not of the fair. “How about your dad? He find out anything?” Yeah, I think we both read the newspaper. I’m thinking his dad and Wes? Not very happy right now.
Keep Me: connor_keep_me on January 10th, 2007 04:45 am (UTC)
She's a real sweetheart, Willow. It's pretty darn cute how she thinks my mom could be a spy. I'm about to correct her, but I think she gets it. And then she gets that look on her face like she does when Mr. Pryce has just told her 'no' about something.

Looks like I'm not the only one embarrassed by all the watching over us behavior. I'm pretty sure they remembered my eighteenth birthday. Not five, mom, I want to whine. Umm, well, without the whining. That would probably give it away - the five year old thing. Nevermind. Not five. Definitely not five with the way I'd rather be doing something else with Willow besides homework and blushing over my mom's hovering.

"No," I tell her grimly. Dad's been a foul mood ever since this case started. Like he hasn't woken up on the right side of the bed for weeks. "They gotta find something soon, or nobody's gonna think twice about respecting the police. Dad's pretty worried," I tell her, poking at my pencil and rolling it back and forth on the table distractedly.

"Wish I could help," I say glumly, math homework swimming with numbers and letters in front of me. "Won't let me though. Says I should be studying." I brave a glance at Willow, who I'm thinkin' gets bugged by the same problems. Everyone always telling us we're too young, or too old to still be doing whatever it is we do. I don't get adults sometimes. Tell us we're adults and then don't treat us like 'em.
Willow Rosenberg_willow_magic on January 10th, 2007 05:40 am (UTC)
Yeah, didn’t think so. Connor’s dad doesn’t seem like the type to share his work when he gets home either. Not that this stopped Connor from pumping him for information. I mean, come on! We could so help out! We’re grown up and we can ask around and-and stuff. Even Miss Morgan from the newspaper gets to do it!

Course she gets to do a lot. Bet she wears really nice clothes too. She and Cordelia are totally my example that woman can make it without men. Not that I would want to! I mean, hello? Connor? He’s such a sweet guy and I’m so not planning our wedding or anything. Or y’know, the wedding dress. I’m not doodling ‘Willow Callaghan’ on my notepad am I?

Oh, thank goodness, I’m not. Talk about embarrassing.

“Yeah, Wes says the same,” I sigh, picking up one of the cookies. Even if Mrs. Callaghan isn’t pro cookie baker? These are darn good. “Y’know,” I say, sitting up a little straighter from where I’d slumped down. “We should help them out anyway. Bet they’re to proud to ask for help and we can go places they can’t like…Like ask around in the library! Which, yeah they can go but…no one would be suspicious of us like they would of them. Right?”
Keep Me: connor_keep_me on January 12th, 2007 04:06 am (UTC)
I nod as she mentions Mr. Pryce again, but when I see her start to take a cookie, I try to get my hand up there too, so that maybe they'll brush together, but darn, she's already got the cookie. I take one of my own and munch as Willow goes on.

She's really easy to listen to. Guys at school are always talking about how they hate listening to dames jabber on, but I like listening to Willow talk. Kinda like my dad like that. He's not much of a talker, except with family, so he listens a lot. Makes him good at his job too, I think.

Woah, is she really saying what I think she's saying. That would be great! "Willow, you're a genius!" I say, grinning at her. I could just kiss her. But I can't. I think Mr. Pryce might blow a gasket. Yeah, definitely, might break something.

"We should do that! Maybe we can find something they haven't yet." I'm trying not to do any sort of unmanly bouncing or dancing... if one could dance while sitting.

I'm about to suggest we go right now, but it would probably be late by the time we finished gathering evidence, and I think Mr. Pryce might kill me more for having Willow out after dark. Because, you know, grown-ups never go out after dark. I wish could just roll my eyes at them sometimes.

"So...you wanna go tomorrow, maybe?" I look over at her and take a few more nibbles at the cookie. There's homework still...not that blowing it off never happens with me, but I really try not to. For my dad.

Wow, he'd probably kill me if he found out I was going to go out and do detective work. Heh.
Willow Rosenberg: Geek_willow_magic on January 14th, 2007 02:29 pm (UTC)
“I am? I mean.. sure I am.” A genius. Yeah, totally, with the studying and the…. Yeah, so not. If I were like a genius I would’ve already had it made. Cordy’s not that much older then I am is she? I don’t think she is and look at her. Being an actress and a secretary in one and no one is ever gonna go against her.

Except for Wes, for some reason. Either’s he’s very brave, or very stupid or totally gay. Hah, that’s to funny for words, what with all those women fawning over him from time to time. Like that girl at the uni who was doing the ogling of Connor. I don’t think so, I may be a nice good girl but no one does the fawning of my man!

I would have to… ugh. Ask Cordelia what to do then. Drat, I’m so not good with this keeping your man business. I’m better at the detective business and that’s what we’re gonna be doing. At least Connor is with me on that one, rather a lot. I beam at him when he gets all enthusiastic, thinking how cute he looks when he gets like that.

Which is pretty much all of the time, but hey. I’m not with the complaining!

“What?” My eyes dart toward the clock and then to the window to look outside. Drat. It’s getting to late and we still have the homework to take care of. No time left today. I still don’t see why Connor and I can’t be out after dark. Well, I can’t, I’m sure Connor can. So why can’t he walk me home when it’s like dark? Ugh.

“Sure, sounds like a plan,” I smile at him, picking up the books again to move on with the homework. Too excited to do that though. “We should leave bright and early so we can make most of the time.” I’m surprised Mrs. Callaghan hasn’t…oh…there she is again.
Keep Me: connor_keep_me on January 20th, 2007 05:56 am (UTC)
Can't help grinning at Willow, because she is totally beaming at me, and man, she is so pretty when she does that, and I think maybe I must have done something right. I think. Right? She wouldn't be giving me such a big smile if I hadn't done something right, right?

Genius yes, always with the conversation, no. It makes me smile as I wait for her brain to catch up with the conversation. Probably one of the first things I liked about her. Her brain is always going. Mine, not so much, but Willow. Wow. Talk about smart. I know most folks would add, 'especially for a girl,' but she might even be smarter than my dad. Nah, he's pretty smart. But really close. She's really smart. Can't believe she likes me. That is so great!

Oh, back to homework. I'm about to pick up a pencil again, too, but thankfully, she's still excited about the detective work. "Yeah, we should-"

Damn it, Mom!

I throw her a glare, but she ignores it. "You two have barely touched a thing, you must be working very hard," she says, smoothing her skirt and batting her eyelashes like she does when she's trying to get information out of my dad.

"Yeah, mom, we're trying to work." I give her a look that says 'go away so we can!'

"Oh, well, do you need any help? I could call Willow's guardian, or your father, perhaps one of them would like to come and help you two." And there's that mom smile that says she's trying to be sneaky but really is just trying to push someone's buttons. She does that with the priest at church sometimes. I'm not sure why she goes. Well, okay, I do. Dad makes her. He usually mumbles something about atonement when I ask. I don't mind going much. Dad's kind of a big believer though.

"Mo-om," I give her a 'are you crazy look'. "We're fine, thanks. Really."
Willow Rosenberg_willow_magic on January 23rd, 2007 05:15 am (UTC)
“Math,” I nod at Mrs. Callaghan, nodding gravely. Well, Connor has been having some trouble with the Math, while I adored the numbers. Okay, adored figuring out the puzzle and being with Connor while we… totally didn’t do any homework at all. Usually.

Usually we ended up talking about the cases his dad was working on. Or Wes and Spike were working on. And now there was this woman in the library who got killed and we were so gonna find out whats the what on that one. And then Dad and Wes will see that we’re seriously grown up and maybe slack the leash a bit.

Okay, not an image I should be having. I couldn’t help eyeing Connor speculatively though, quickly averting my gaze when Mrs. Connor looked at me.

“Oh! You really don’t wanna be calling Wes when he’s sliding in Sherlock Holmes mode,” I rushed out, giving Mrs. Callaghan a pleading look. “He always gets with the…well,” bitchy would be the word I’m looking for, “pissy,” I decided on, rather weakly.

Connor interjects with a ‘mo-om’ which makes him look about twelve and way cuter then he should have any right to be. I look at him adoringly and blush when I see Mrs. Callaghan grin at the two of us. “Anyway,” I murmur, ducking my head. “Back to the math…”
Keep Me: connor_keep_me on January 28th, 2007 07:47 pm (UTC)
Talk about shooting daggers at someone with your eyes. I was definitely trying it on mom, but it was doing nothing, just like always. Mom doesn't cave under a little pressure, unlike Dad, which is probably why she was the one hounding over us and not my dad.

"Yeah, you don't need to bug Dad at work," I add quickly to Willow's brave attempt at thwarting my mom. Willow's good. I think most girls- women, would have turned tail and ran at the look my mom was giving us, not tried to defend our tiny smidgen of privacy. I give her a proud look and turn my efforts back to fending off Mom.

Okay, why is she grinning at us? I glance over at Will to see her blushing and looking with concentration at her math homework. Alright... something is up, but there's no time for me to worry about that. Gotta sen mom on her way. "Yeah, mom, we've got to get back to this math, otherwise I'll be dust for making Willow late getting home." I give her my best 'I'm a good kid' smile and she rolls her eyes at me, but does end up turning around to go back to the kitchen.

"That was close. Hope she didn't hear us talking about the library." I glance at Willow and give her an excited smile, and making the effort to at least pick up my pencil in case mom looks back around the corner.
Willow Rosenberg_willow_magic on January 29th, 2007 10:36 am (UTC)
Heh. I don’t think we have to worry about that one today. Wes told me that he was gonna be home late and not to wait up for him. Happened a lot when they had a case that was difficult. And murder cases often were difficult. Well okay, there were the divorce thingies too, but those weren’t really dangerous. More like way boring.

I mean, nine out of ten times there was no adultery. Geeze. Paranoid much?

“It’s still early,” I said quickly, giving Mrs. Callaghan a flash of a smile. She returned it with one of those indulgent ones that makes you think you’ve had this ‘when I was your age’ conversations. Actually, she and I had talked from time to time. She’s a really nice lady and she thinks it’s great that I’m going to university. Not many do, y’know.

I turn back to the homework, which totally isn’t a face, but something we need to have done by tomorrow. Or well, Connor does. Big test coming up and all that. “Naw, I don’t think she did,” I shrug. “Otherwise we’d have gotten a lecture. She doesn’t seem like the type to wait for your dad to come home to do that. That’d just be the icing on the cake kinda thing. Like calling Wes, y’know?”
Keep Me: connor_keep_me on February 4th, 2007 04:04 am (UTC)
Good thing Mom at least likes Willow. She hasn't always been such a big fan of my choice in women. She *really* doesn't like Cordelia. Not that I ever dated Cordelia, I mean she's- Anyway. Good thing she's Mr. Pryce's secretary and not Dad's. Mom might actually get jealous then. Mom thinks women should stand on their own two feet. I think that's why she likes Willow, and why I think she gets bored being at home.

But hey, I'm the kid around here. It's really not my job to worry about that stuff. I think.

I grin over at Willow, "Yeah, definitely lecture. I think she hates me nosing around Dad's work almost as much as Dad." I reach past her to grab my pencil as it rolls away and brush her hand. Oh. That was... nice. I glance at her and give her a smile, trying to grab my pencil without looking like a dope. Or like I did that on purpose.

"I don't think she'll call Mr. Pryce." Mom's been a little weird when I hear her talking about Mr. Pryce lately. But then she's weird about a lot of people. "She likes to be in charge too much," I add, trying to look over the math homework but finding the numbers swimming everywhere.

"Hmm. I hate math." I give her an apologetic look. "Wish we could sneak over to the library tonight," I add wistfully, still looking at the page in front of me and trying to write out the next problem.
Willow Rosenberg_willow_magic on February 4th, 2007 02:36 pm (UTC)
Uh huh. Yeah, I bet his mom and dad don’t want him snooping around his dad’s work. I mean hello? The man’s a homicide detective and all. That’s like dangerous and stuff. Way more dangerous then Wes’ job, he doesn’t get murders a lot. Mostly small cases like stolen things or divorces or… bizarrely, translation work.

I know Connor wants to follow his dad’s footsteps and all, and I support him in that. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. Us playing Nancy Drew is one thing - well I do, not Connor cause he’s a guy - but him doing the real thing? That’s scary. I’d be like Mrs. Callaghan, sitting at home at nights and wonder when my husband will get home. If he’ll get home.

Okay, I should totally not get ahead of myself. Wedding bells in the spring and all that, I first need to finish my study. And so does Connor or he’s not even going to be accepted to the academy and all my worrying has been like… a waste of energy.

“Well,” I shrug when he tells me she wont call Wes. “Wes isn’t even home so that’s probably not going to do her much good. I doubt she’ll call Cousin Spike.” Considering he’d be all ‘what the he--ck’ and the come get me with this geronimous sulk. Yeah, I don’t think either of us will want to risk that.

“And besides,” I point out, “the library is probably closed so there’s not much we can do now anyway. Math is the way to go, you need it if you wanna be accepted to the academy y’know.”

I smile at him, because yeah,… I may not like the idea, but I *am* darn proud of what he’s trying to accomplish. “So why don’t we try solving this one, or well you can…and work our way to the assignment from there.” Tomorrow we can do the whole library thing and help Wes and Detective Callaghan.
Keep Me: connor_keep_me on February 7th, 2007 01:34 am (UTC)
She's so sweet. It's neat that she wants me to get accepted to the academy. Not like it's going to happen though. Dad will never let me. I might be of age, but he's got the last say, he always says. Has to look out for me, he says.

"Not like I'll be going, but you're probably right," I tell her with a small, sad smile, and giving a very interested look to the math homework rather than look at her. I don't want her to feel sorry for me. I'm just realistic. Dad's...my dad, and he's not changin' any time soon.

"Yeah, okay, sounds good. You should work on your stuff, don't let me slow you down," I scribble some numbers down, tongue sticking out between my teeth as I try to concentrate on figuring out this problem. I know she's a lot faster at math, and she's already in a higher level than me, but it's nice that she helps me. Kind of would be nice if there was something I could help her with, but she's so smart at everything. Not that I mind. Smart is good. A guy just likes to be able to provide for his girl is all. That kind of thing. Not that she needs it, obviously.

I brave a glance at Willow, and watch her for a second before turning back to my paper and trying not to get distracted thinking about the way looks so...pretty. The guys are always elbowing me and wanting to know if I've gotten my hands on that saucy redhead yet, but they're just being crass, and I never answer. I can see why'd they'd be jealous. I give her another proud glance and keep poking at this equation. I'm sure I'll get it eventually. I just might be 55 by the time I do.