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Going Back in Time

Going back in time
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This game has sadly died and wont be continued!

  • Wesley and William 'Spike' Pryce have come to the USA on a business trip. That didn't go well, so they decided to stay in the USA rather then face the wrath of Roger Pryce.

  • Wesley started the Pryce Investigations Agency and roped his brother in to join and keep him out of trouble.

  • Detective Liam 'Angel' Callaghan is trying his best to keep the city of Los Angles safe from evil afoot. Which apparently means he *has* to run into the Pryce brothers on a regular basis for no particular reason. Much to his annoyment.

  • Lawyer Lindsey McDonald owns a medium law firm. In order to defend his clients properly, he needs to hire some detectives occasionally who are not afraid of some dirty work.

  • Miss Cordelia Chase just tries to make a living for herself. In her case that is running the Pryce Agency with a firm secretarial hand while trying to make it as a movie star.

  • Miss Willow Rosenberg, young and naive, thinks being a private snoop is 'super'! It also gets her into a lot of trouble, much to the dismay of her British Cousins.

  • Connor Callaghan, son of detective Callaghan, is trying to grow up with a police-officer for a father while his mother has worked as prostitute. The first one in his family to attend college there's a lot of pressure on those young shoulders.

  • All this is set in an all human AU set in Los Angeles during the 1930ties great depression, classy women, manly men and just legalized alcohol.


    Detective Liam 'Angel' Callaghan: _keep_me
    Mr. Connor Callaghan: boy_demon
    Miss Cordelia Chase: queen_cordette
    Mr. Wesley Pryce: _wes_pryce_
    Miss Willow Rosenberg: _willow_magic

    This is a private RPG, we already have the characters that we need. Please do not ask to join. All right to AtS, BtvS, Angel, Cordelia Chase, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Willow Rosenberg and Connor belong to Joss Whedon, WB and ME.

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